Professional Certification

What is a Professional Designation?

  • A professional designation is a “warrant of competence” or “warrant of expertise” denoting that the practitioner’s experience, knowledge and skill have been measured against a standard of practice (or competencies) for the profession
  • A professional designation confers to a practitioner the right to use a designated professional title and initials after their name

OD Designations Through CODI

Currently there are 2 designation paths, the Knowledge Path (CODP) (for those with 4 years or more of OD experience) and the Portfolio Path (CSODP) for those with 10 years or more OD experience.

Designation Requirements

To receive a CODP or CSODP designation from CODI, candidates must demonstrate fulfillment of 4 components:

  • Education component or degree component
  • Experience component
  • Knowledge and skill component (requiring a knowledge examination or submission of a competency portfolio)
  • Ethics component

What do the CODI Designations Demonstrate?

The CODP and CSODP designations are a mark of quality. They demonstrate to the public that the OD professional has:

  • Met educational and training requirements
  • Obtained experience in the field of organization development
  • Passed a knowledge and skill examination (for the CODP)
  • Demonstrated competence through a portfolio of documented and validated experience (for the CSODP)
  • Obtained professional references
  • Agreed to uphold the CODI Ethical Guidelines
  • Committed to continuing professional learning and development

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