What is OD?

What is Organization Development?

A planned and sustained change effort, using behavioural science concepts and methods, aimed at improving both the quality of working life and the organizational effectiveness of workplaces, within the context of their global and ecological environment. (M. Laiken)

What is OD concerned with?

  • An organization’s ability to build capacity and to help people and the systems they work within to adapt and change on their own in the future
  • Helping organizations achieve their goals and improve effectiveness
  • The health of an organization and its ability to create a high quality of work life for its employees and the best possible outcome for its clients/customers
  • Humanistic approaches and values that favour participation and collaboration, a respect for diversity and an acute awareness of the organization’s social/global context
  • Interdisciplinary approaches grounded in the behavioural sciences, including psychology, sociology, anthropology and management
  • Organizations working across all sectors